Donna Thompson
Sales Representative

Donna Thompson is an accomplished real estate sales professional with a rock solid reputation for fighting for her client’s and a “whatever it takes” attitude; alongside the simple strong value, Family first, Donna’s foundational professional belief is that her Clients come first. Everyone who knows, and gets to know Donna, would describe her as confident, caring, honest, loyal and dedicated. She has made her reputation with a track record of success at the negotiation table and an unparalleled passion for client service which has led to 15 consecutive years collecting the highest honour of recognition, the Chairman’s Award, along with many more reputable recognition awards. Prior to creating her top 1% in Canada residential real estate pedigree, Donna’s professional background was vested in Advertising and Production, which gives her clients a huge competitive advantage in the market place with their properties.


Donna is completely dedicated to, driven by, and passionate about real estate and people. She is honoured by her clients’ complete trust, thrives on wins she gets for her clients and the life long relationships she builds throughout the process. Donna always attracts the highest quality and character of individual in here life and surrounds herself with the best of the best including The Thompson teams experts that are fully committed to serving and helping people land on their feet and start new next chapters of new beginnings in the journey of life.

Donna also has a deep understanding of marketing and advertising designing marketing segments for McDonalds, Nike and Molson in Toronto, LA, and Miami and also holds a degree in Finance and Economics

A resident and homeowner in Rosedale, who has lived in Toronto for over 30 years, Donna is a wonderful wife, supportive mother of two teenage boys and leads personally, by examples of excellence everywhere in the home, synonymously as she does professionally in her real estate, serving others.

“Throughout the months we worked with Donna, she would filter out the inappropriate choices, which saved us an enormous amount of time and effort, her predictions were always sound … she always remained poised and professional. Her mantra was always, this is a big decision; it has to be right for you … I highly recommend Donna Thompson !
Andrew Shaughnessy (Lawyer and Partner, Torry's LLP


Nick Thompson
Sales Representative

Nick Thompson is a 30 year resident of Toronto and has a 30 year track record of sales, marketing and business successes. As is a Chairman Award annual winner consecutively for 15 years with Harvey Kalles Brokerage, alongside several other recognition awards, Nick is in the top 0.5% of real estate agents in Toronto in his highly successful tenure.

Nick, also, has a long and established history of success prior to his time with Harvey Kalles that includes 12 years’ experience in corporate sales, integrated with real estate and development projects. Nick’s “sales” experience also includes successfully building and selling multiple private and public companies. Nick thrives on helping his clients “win” their perfect home, or the perfect sale price.


Married 20 years, with 2 teenage sons, family is central to the Thompson’s value set. Nick is also passionate about our Toronto community, leading and working with several school and non-profit organizations. He will ensure that you get all the right opportunities.

“Nick is a knowledgeable, experienced, responsive, and reliable realtor with excellent negotiation skills. Most importantly, he has integrity. He is exceptionally patient, and he listened carefully to our needs and concerns. Thorough communication led us to a very high level of satisfaction.
In spite of the hectic market, Nick helped us find our dream home in one and half months, at a fantastic price (we’re still shocked that we got such a great deal!). There’s no way we would have been able to secure our house at the price we bought it for – in the middle of negotiations, Nick told us to offer less than we wanted to offer. We saved a lot of money by working with Nick.”

Jennifer and Gordon Xhau


Scott Kearns
Communications and Marketing Manager

Scott Kearns - the newest addition to the Thompson Team, Scott is a sales and marketing professional with communications and Team peak performance as his primary focus for the last decade of his life. Through his contributions, he has been recognized and rewarded for creating results, including being a finalists for Man of the Year with his previous company.

He is, simply put, passionate about people’s positive, personal experiences and doing everything he does at the highest level possible, leaving everything and everyone better than he finds them.


Prior to his time in sales and marketing, Mr. Kearns was a partner in a hospitality group of companies where his responsibilities included a blend of operational, marketing and promotional activities.

Scott holds a BSc. (Pharmacology) from UWO, is a graduate of the Shirlaw's Business program and has also been involved with PSI Seminars to continue to learn and develop personally and professionally. A Triathlete and Toronto Marathon competitor, Scotty was also an accomplished past Top 100 world ranked downhill skier. Now he loves coaching Special Olympians at Georgian Peaks

“Scotty Kearns is absolutely a rock star and game changer in business. He brought his proven track record to our company and since then built a global business, while also being recognized as the #3 top team builder in the North American market. It was my pleasure to work with him and learn from him. There is no one I know of on our team that will work harder for you, and has the track record he has to execute a plan and create success with others”
Brett Gajda (Speaker, Facilitator, Coach, Podcast Host & Writer, and Entrepreneur (Toronto, ON)