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Anyone can claim they’re the best in the business – but we can prove it, with a strong and loyal client base to attest to our skill. Instead of saying more about ourselves here though, we’ll hand over the mic to our clients, who have been inspired to write to us about their exceptional experiences with us. All of these testimonials are used with permission, and we did not solicit them: they are from the heart.

 522 Roselawn Avenue

Before we met Nick, we were not sure that hiring an agent was necessary. We wanted to save the money we would otherwise spend on commission, but we found that we were very uncertain about different neighbourhoods, the value of the homes, schools, and a lot of other factors. We decided that we needed an agent’s help to accomplish such a big task.

 We found Nick on the Internet; he had a lot of experience in the neighbourhood and his website seemed to reflect the values that we were looking for. Nick not only fulfilled our expectations, he exceeded them in many ways. In spite of the hectic market, Nick helped us find our dream home in one and half months, at a fantastic price (we’re still shocked that we got such a great deal!). There’s no way we would have been able to secure our house at the price we bought it for – in the middle of negotiations, Nick told us to offer less than we wanted to offer. We saved a lot of money by working with Nick.

Nick is a knowledgeable, experienced, responsive, and reliable realtor with excellent negotiation skills. Most importantly, he has integrity. He is exceptionally patient, and he listened carefully to our needs and concerns. Thorough communication led us to a very high level of satisfaction.

Each house has its pros and cons, and Nick’s knowledge of houses made making a decision on the right house surprisingly easy and enjoyable. During the course of examining many homes, we determined that we would only make an offer on a house that was approved by both us and Nick. During the bidding wars, his mantra was “Calm down, whenever you are not comfortable, you should stop and give yourself time to think about what you really want”. He was sharp and smart with the house value in the real estate market, and he has a disciplined strategy in the negotiation process.

Thanks to Nick and Donna for their great work. As new immigrants, we feel the warmness from the bottom of their hearts for a team that really pulled out all the stops to help us. Our experience, language and culture difference wasn't a barrier to having Nick as an agent. We would definitely recommend Nick to our friends.


Jennifer & Gordon


190 Glenrose Ave


Simply put, Donna and Nick Thompson are our good luck charm in the real estate market. They have been our agents numerous times now, to sell and buy homes in Rosedale and Moore Park as well as outside of the city.

Each time, it has been a different experience.  Usually, there was a small dose of hand-wringing, just by virtue of the very emotional nature of this business, but without fail, there was a happy ending.

Throughout each and every transaction, Donna and Nick showed complete devotion to us as clients.  We always felt very well supported and incredibly well represented.  They really know their stuff and we trusted their  knowledge and judgment wholeheartedly.  Whether it was setting the all-important listing price,  searching endlessly for the perfect home or negotiating the primo deal, they never let us down.
Equally important has been their total respect for our decisions and our comfort level.  We often commented how they really did listen to us and respect our opinions.  They are excellent team players.
Donna and Nick are smart, they are sharp, they are wonderfully warm and easy to talk to. We would recommend them in a heart beat!

- Jennifer & Morey Chaplick (owners of 190 Glenrose Ave)




58 Chestnut Park


Working with Donna and Nick was an absolute pleasure.  They were always responsive, effective and patient - and used their expertise to sell our house for well more than other agents suggested was possible.  We consistently felt we were in the best hands possible - from staging and listing through to closing the Thompson team were able to navigate tricky situations with confidence and ease.  Donna, Nick and their team are true professionals - extremely knowledgeable and wonderful to work with.  
- Robin & Sam Ridesdic (Owners of 58 Chestnut Park)






442 Heath St. East


Donna and Nick accomplished the unthinkable.  They sold our house in Bennington Heights on the offer night, just a couple of weeks after signing the listing agreement, which was no small feat given we had been there 22 years and had not really intended to sell until the following year. We didn't believe we could get the house ready for showing given the short time line but Donna and Nick somehow made it happen, arranging inexpensive staging, window cleaning, trades, etc.  We are eternally grateful to them for their professionalism, knowledge of the market, negotiating skills which produced a more than satisfactory result, emotional support during a very stressful time and for being such wonderful people to work with.  We have and will continue to recommend them to everyone we know.

- Brenda and Colin Fraser (owners of 442 Heath St. East)

"Donna was the agent we used on the purchase of a home in Rosedale. We met Donna during an open house at one of her listings. Right away, we liked her approach and style. Initially, Donna offered to spend a day with us looking at houses to see if we would work well together. We were very impressed with her, particularly her knowledge of the area detailed understanding of each home -- its current condition, needs and value. She educated us and helped us arrive at a budget. Throughout the months that we worked with Donna, she would filter out inappropriate choices, which saved us enormous time and effort and helped us focus on the winners. Never pushy, Donna was always quick to bring new information to our attention and was very responsive to our constant queries. On the few occasions when she would say, "this one will sell quickly," her predictions were sound. And, on the one occasion when we backed out of a potential property, on which Donna had worked so hard to secure, she remained poised and professional. Her mantra was always, "this is a big decision; it has to be right for you." When we ultimately found the home for us, Donna was determined to get us a good price, solid in the negotiation process and was indefatigable in getting the paperwork completed perfectly. If you are looking for a purchaser's agent in Central Toronto, I highly recommend Donna Thompson. She's great!"

 - Andrew Shaughnessey (Lawyer and Partner, Tory's LLP)


"We hired Nick and Donna Thompson to sell our property near Yonge and Bloor. We knew many Real Estate agents in the Toronto area, but chose Nick and Donna because their knowledge of the market, their dedication to our goals, integrity and Real Estate 'savvy' really stood out. From the initial stages of understanding the market and choosing the right listing price, through to a fantastic marketing plan and the final negotiations, they guided us through every step of the process and helped us achieve top dollar for our property. Even now after the sale, they continue to be a resource whenever we have questions. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Nick and Donna - they did a great job and were great to work with."

 - Manny Neubacher


"Nick and Donna were very dedicated and professional during the listing of my house. Their enthusiasm and perseverance proved successful and I appreciated their full commitment to ensure a smooth and satisfied result."

 - Kate Prevedello


"Nick and Donna sold our house on Cleveland Street in Toronto and did an amazing job. At the time, Donna had given birth and called us from her hospital bed to update us one hour after delivery. That to us was service we had NEVER experienced before. As a team they sold our house and made us a profit of over $200,000. Cheers to a wonderful TEAM and we look forward to using them for our next purchase."

 - Annette and Scott Mitchell


"Having worked with a few real estate agents prior to working with Donna and Nick, we were of the opinion that agents did not offer much value for the commission charged.  In fact, we thought that we could sell and buy a house without the help of a real estate agent.  Donna and Nick proved us wrong.  They offered us valuable advice and helped us purchase our beautiful home.  They made the whole process ‘almost’ (if there is such a thing when purchasing and selling a home) stress-free!  Their dedication to their work is clearly evident and truly sets them apart from their competitors.  Donna and Nick are professional, responsive and experienced.  Together, Donna and Nick make a talented and dynamic team.  We are so happy to have them represent us.  Big thanks to Donna and Nick for a great job!  We highly recommend them to our friends, family and business associates."

- Kay Leung & Jim Hutchinson (Lawyer and Partner, Heenan  

  Blaikie & Lawyer and Partner, Miller Thompson LLP)


"Nick and Donna were fantastic to work with. My wife and I unexpectedly purchased a new home in late November and Nick and Donna worked very hard to get our house ready for the market within 10 days of us meeting them. Despite having open houses during the first major snow storm of the season, and trying to sell our house during the lead up to Christmas, Nick and Donna accurately assessed the market and priced our home such that it sold on the first night we were taking offers (while comparable homes (if not better homes) in our area did not sell till the new year). Nick and Donna made what could have been an extremely stressful time for us a very comfortable and relaxed experience. I would definitely recommend Nick and Donna - they are very professional and a lot of fun to work with."

- Robert Shipcott & Elizabeth Hutchison (Lawyers, Miller

  Thompson LLP)

"We hired Donna and Nick to help us sell our home and buy another and they were consummate professionals on both fronts.  They know this real estate market exceptionally well and provided us with sage, trustworthy and candid advice at every stage of the process.  Their work ethic, attention to detail and enthusiasm are exemplary.  We appreciated their careful listening, thoughtful responses and commitment to our needs.

We have already recommended Donna and Nick to numerous friends who have gone on to recommend them to others.  We have no hesitation at all in recommending Donna and Nick to potential buyers or sellers.  They are a pleasure to work with."

- Maneli Badii & Mark Adams (Lawyer - Heenan Blaikie & VP

  AGF Mutual Funds)