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Ever been to Chicago? The dowtown waterfront has one solitary condo tower. The rest of the waterfront is devoted to 'public realm' - beaches, parks, art,'s wonderful. I heard, when taking the one of the two tourist tours I've ever enjoyed, that Chicago (ironically) based its' plans for their waterfront on Toronto's old plans for our waterfront.

What happened to our old plans? No idea. Hopefully, we'll make up for whatever went wrong with a better use of the waterfront that we have left. The graphic above shows how a hideously ugly industrial slip could be transformed. The Keating Channels current residents include many vital, if unattractive, tenants - the G4L waste centre, a boat haul company, etc. If the city planners can provide a LOT of public space with bike paths, parkland, and space for kids to play I'm all for it.

The hard part, in my opinion, would be to avoid creating an isolated area like Liberty Village. Easy commuter access, and really good paths to Cherry / Woodbine beaches, and the Tommy Thompson park, will be key to its' tenants success. Whatever the eventual outcome is, I hope the City planners get this one right.

Background: The Lower Don Lands is a 125 hectare (308 acre) area that runs from East Bayfront (the Parliament Street Slip) east to the Don Roadway and from West Don Lands (the rail corridor) south to the Ship Channel. Waterfront Toronto plans to transform the largely underutilized industrial area into new sustainable parks and communities. The naturalization and shifting of the mouth of the Don River is the centrepiece of the plans for the Lower Don Lands.

Tired of the Chicago comparison? So is Waterfront Toronto.

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Front Pad Parking becoming rare

For many of us, parking is a crucial part of owning a home. Even if you don’t have a car, having the option to park will significantly impact both the purchase and the resale price of a residence. You can imagine the dismay of a family who bought a house with parking, only to find that they can no longer park on their own property. Worse yet, if that family would like to sell, they are now faced with an absurd situation – sell their home for a substantially lower price because the City will no longer allow parking. 

There’s currently a moratorium on installing front yard pads in the old City of Toronto and few applications get approval. The reasons for the City to stop granting parking licenses appear to be that parking pads decrease rain absorption, and because recent storms have overwhelmed the city’s storm system (and ended up flooding basements) the City needs the front part of your yard to absorb more rain water. Also, more paved spaces create ‘urban heat islands’ - pavement retains more heat than greenery. Finally, a ‘curb cut’ for a front pad parking space takes away one parking spot for the street as a whole. If you want to check whether your front parking is legal, Click here!

Be careful when you purchase a home; make sure your lawyer has researched the parking issues and you are getting what you thought you paid for. If you’re already a home owner, make sure you keep your license up to date (pay the yearly licensing fee) and take care to make sure your parking is maintained. If you’re one of the few who are parking without a licensed front pad, you may want to start contacting a reputable lawyer who can help you get up-to-date. You won’t be able to rush a front pad parking license at the last minute when you decide to sell!


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A lack of listings continues to dominate the Toronto real estate market. A snapshot of Midtown Toronto follows that trend, as you can see in the graph above. The number of sales in May remains fairly consistent, but listings continues to trend down, from 210 in 2006 to 169 in 2016. Just like the rest of Toronto, a lack of supply puts upward pressure on prices. According to TREB, across Toronto the number of sales was up over 10% from this time last year while new listings were down 6%.

In other news, the OECD noted that Toronto’s housing market had appreciated at 15% year over year. “Strong residential investment may in principle reflect robust demographic growth, but Canada’s outcome appears stronger than what can be justified by underlying population increases”. Residential investment was 7.6% of Canada’s GDP in 2015.

The Federal Governement is trying to find a way to monitor foreign buyers, with the aim of slowing investors that do not intend to live in their residences. Other solutions for slowing the growth of the market may include "adopting a more rigorous qualifying standard for high-value properties" to mitigate the risk of speculation.

In my opinion, over the long term, it's hard to see how a property constrained area around a thriving hub such as the GTA can't appreciate in price unless more people want to sell. Sounds obvious, but the question I have is why would a large group of people want to suddenly sell out of the best city on earth, when it has a thriving and diverse economy (think: financial, technology, health science, legal, etc)? Fellow Torontonians, we are lucky to live here...

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June 10 to July 26: Luminato

Theatres, parks, and public spaces across the city are transformed. The Hearn Generating Station, in the heart of Toronto’s Port Lands, will play host to a multidisciplinary show of colour, music, and light.

June 1 to July 3: Pride Toronto

For one month, the heart of Toronto's LGBQT gay village will be particularly bright. Food, fun, and a celebration of all humanity's equality and our great country's acceptance of personal life styles. The first weekend in July will shut down vehicular traffic, and Gay Village will become a pedestrian-only zone for three days of festivities: July 1st - Trans march, July 2 - Dyke march, July 3rd - Toronto Pride Parade.

June 23 to 26: Taste of Toronto

Head to Fort York National Historic Site for an experience in food that you wont regret. The city’s latest, greatest, and hottest restaurants dish up their best in an alfresco gourmet feast.

Two Great Jazz Festivals! Part street fest, part concert and all outdoorsy fun!!

June 24 to July 10: TD Toronto Jazz Festival

30th anniversary! Over 1500 performances, including Chick Corea, Robert Glasper, Molly Johnson, Jane Burnett, and many more.

July 2 to 24: Beaches International Jazz Festival

Celebrating its 28th year, the festival will feature a dynamic musical roster, multiple stages and venues, and a lineup of gourmet food trucks. Melanie Durrant, Ghost Town Blues Band, 7Sould, and Yani Borrell are some of the lead attractions.

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With the warm weather, those of us who are lucky enough to have a backyard will be turning our attention to the perennial question – what to do the detritus and how to bring out the Eden we’d love to have. For many, gardening can provide sanctuary from the city, offering a playground for green thumbs. However, for those of us that don’t have a green thumb, the backyard can turn into a space that is under used and a little over grown. (Worth a look - Top Ten Garden Centres in Toronto).
For the families with little ones, getting them off of their electronic devices can present an opportunity to more fully use the backyard…the ‘Sport Court’ is becoming more popular as an alternate to the traditional patch of grass with a border of flowers. It keeps the kids outside longer, and provides a welcome attraction for playdates. It also gives them a chance to breath fresh air, work on their shots, and practice for the school team.
The ‘Sport Court’ can be configured for almost any size and shape of yard. What’s more, it can be designed for whatever sport you and the family are interested in – typically basketball, hockey, soccer, tennis, or golf. The price usually comes in at around $25 - $40 / square foot, including the base and the installation according to Sport Court. This means that a fairly modest 400 square foot installation comes in at $10-16,000. It is, admittedly, a bit of an extravagance…there are a multitude of accessible public parks and tennis courts (Ramsden, Davisville, Moore Park to name a few) and if your child is old enough to get there under their own steam it probably isn’t worth the money. However, if you have a few younger children, a sport court could be a good investment. Don’t count on recouping the cost when selling….it’s unlikely that the sport court will increase the value of your home when you resell. But if having a great space where the whole family can play ball is important, its’ definitely worth the cost of a few summer camps!

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The Toronto Real Estate Board numbers are in for April 2016, and (no surprise!) demand for homes in the Toronto area is still very strong. The number of sales has increased 15.8% per cent for Q1 2016 over Q1 2015, and they’re up 7.4% for April 2016 when compared to April 2015. These increases in the number of sales happened despite a decrease in the number of listings available for both periods as compared to 2015.
Despite the increase in the number of sales for the GTA, the ‘416’ area code has a decrease in detached, semi-detached, and townhome sales. Why? The lack of ‘low-rise’ listings has constrained the market. Because of the lack of listings, ‘home price increases in Canada’s largest city are now spilling into the suburbs and even distant municipalities like Guelph and Waterloo’, according to the Financial Post (Toronto Catching Up To Vancouver…, Gary Marr, May 4). This lack of supply translates into higher prices, which increased 12.6% per cent year-over-year.
"As we move into the busiest time of the year, in terms of sales volume, strong competition between buyers will continue to push home prices higher. A greater supply of listings would certainly be welcome, but we would need to see a number of consecutive months in which listings growth outpaced sales growth before market conditions become more balanced," said Jason Mercer, TREB's Director of Market Analysis.
As a seller, this would seem to be an unequivocally good market: if you’re planning to sell your home, you’re in luck! However, one of the factors keeping supply down is the fact that sellers are often loath to list their homes for fear of selling without finding anything to buy. The buyers who benefit most from the pattern we’ve seen are twofold: downsizers who are selling a home in the most desirable category (single family detached or semi-detached) and buying a condominium where prices have also risen but not as fast or as far, or first time buyers who have a significant down payment and no home to worry about selling.

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"Perhaps one never outgrows the childhood fantasy, that some houses have the faces and personalities of people or animals. Surely we know that, if Collingwood house could talk, it would spaek with iconic wi of Little Red Riding Hood', Milosh Pavlovisz, one of the principals of Studio Pyramid.

With help of the client, the creative team of Studio Pyramid Inc., Alexander Josipovicz, Elaine
Tan and Milosh Pavlovicz have mastered the local vernacular with an artful approach. The
project was restricted from the start due to the land conservation area and client’s taste for
cottage country ways.
The client’s affection and the designers insistence on plain frame construction led to the basic
concept of colliding rectangular volumes of red clapboard united under the peaked roofs.
To capitalize on it’s heavily wooded site the design team located the house close to the North
property edge, facing a man made pond on one side and a quiet Collingwood cool de sac on the
other. As the plan evolved, an open single stair and a massive chimney, housing the wood for the
fireplace which heats almost all spaces, became the organizing elements within the interior. They
define the vestigial open central plan. Ground floor bedrooms are tucked away left of the open
stair. The loft study and the play /guest room occupy the upper levels and take full advantage of the
square footage. All bedrooms have either south or east windows ensure sunlight coming in and
meadows views. Convinced that the exterior needed some distinguishing features, the Studio Pyramid
team introduced the variations with multiple peaked roofs. Inspired by wing shapes, they gave the
house a upward motion, as though the house is ready to jump of the ground and over the trees.
Directional thrust implied by the living room‘s structural ridge beam as well as by the house main
axis-standing from the front door is helping to obey common wisdom of solar gains. The majority of
the large pointed red windows are facing South and East with only few small rectangular windows to
the North face the main entrance to the house.
“Here, the Red Hot Riding Hood house seems to say I am the place where you can rest, snug at home
and still hear the call of the wild,” according to Milosh.

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A truly unique opportunity - gorgeous chalet, surrounded and protected by the Nottawasaga Conservation Authority, is recognized for design work by Studio Pyramid. Private 1.5 acre lot, with walk-out access to miles of trails, is the ultimate destination for an active lifestyle at any age. Golf, skiing, biking, swimming, can have it all! For Sale...details here.

'A cottage where scenery is the ever changing artwork!'

Story by Homes and Cottages.

Feature article in Homes and Cottages Magazine

They talked trends and they talked resale value. Then the owner said, “Let’s play,” so they did. Working without creative boundaries, interior designer Sasha Josipovicz of Studio Pyramid in Toronto, Ontario and the homeowner converted a dark bungalow on a large piece of land in Collingwood, Ontario into a light-filled, comfortable, modern retreat that features picture postcard views from every window.
The owner wanted a Canadian country-style exterior, a bright interior and a low-maintenance retreat she and her children could love now and for the long term.
The back wall of the 600-square-foot home was removed, rooflines were changed to feature steep roof peaks and additions were built on the sides and back. Rather than choosing a safe-for-resale neutral colour, the owner opted for red. She wanted the exterior to be completely red, so windows with red frames were sourced and prefabricated siding was made to match.


'As beautiful as it is in its green setting in summer, the contrast of the red house and the white snow in winter makes the owner’s heart flutter'.


The beautiful ‘red barn’ coloured home is a focal point at the end of a long driveway that leads through the lush property. The front façade has smaller windows to provide privacy on the driveway side, but the rest of the house was designed with as many windows and glass doors as possible to “mingle exterior and interior,” Josipovicz says. “You get light from everywhere.”
As beautiful as it is in its green setting in summer, the contrast of the red house and the white snow in winter makes the owner’s heart flutter, he says. “When people buy a house, they often paint the dining room red. There’s something enticing and gratifying about red as a colour.”
Interior space planning began with a ‘humongous’ mudroom at the front of the house. Plenty of big cupboards provide storage space for sports and recreational equipment and toys. Josipovicz doesn’t like squeezing a mud room into a small space in a recreational property. If you do, the living room will become the mudroom as the hockey sticks and soccer balls take over the room, he says. Structural components became design elements – peaked roofs allowing for 22-foot high ceilings and the floor-to-ceiling fireplace serving to ground the great room so it appears airy and light filled but not overwhelming.


”It’s not a cottage on steroids,” Josipovicz says. “There’s something innocent about it.”
The great room was inspired by old-fashioned town halls, which have big fireplaces and simple seating where people can relax and share ideas. A big comfy couch provides a place to cuddle in front of the fire. Other seating provides places to read a book, while still be visually connected to the fireplace, he says.
In the kitchen, a long marble-topped work island stretches about a dozen feet. Stainless steel appliances include a six-burner range and vent hood. The backsplash is also stainless steel for a clean contemporary look.
The dining room addition is almost like a dock, protruding into nature instead of the water. It has windows on three sides and is surrounded by greenery in spring and piles of white snow in winter. The art is in the nature outside, large windows framing Group of Seven-like scenes, he says. The scene is ever changing and beautiful. There’s no need to hang artwork.
Large windows throughout mean the house is bright all day. “You don’t need to turn the lights on,” he says. “In winter, the light reflects off the snow like a mirror.” Much of the evening light comes from the fireplace. The homeowner didn’t want the lighting to be overdone. Josipovicz introduced wall sconces as white as the walls so they almost disappear into the background. Glass orb lights add a touch of sparkle to the great room. The dining room has a chandelier from L’Atelier in Toronto. “It is an original Canadian Arts and Crafts driftwood/branch
light fixture,” he says. “Considering that the dining room protrudes so far out into the landscape, I decided to eliminate the visual barriers by bringing exterior elements to the interior with this natural yet man-made object.”


Floors throughout are wood – used and abused and looking like they have been there forever, he says. Surprisingly, it’s new antique white engineered wood, the Fine Sawn Collection from Stonetile.
An open wood staircase with glass railings leads to the second floor, where barn doors enclose a TV or playroom that could be converted into an additional bedroom. An open library and three bedrooms with en suite bathrooms are also on this level.
The red used outside is carried inside, where it is used as an accent colour. Josipovicz says he was thrilled to find red glass tiles, which he used to line one wall of the oversized shower in the master bathroom.
There was no need to have bedrooms that are overly large because most of the family’s time is spent in the gathering spaces or outside, he says. However an en suite bathroom for each bedroom was a must. “It’s a way to create payback,” he says. If the owner chooses to rent the cottage, the bedrooms and en suite bathrooms are hotel-like suites.
The oversized two-car garage was also built with extra space. The multi-use area has a water connection for arts and crafts, a wall-towall chalk board and a ping pong table. Since it is outfitted with plumbing, it offers the option to turn it into a guest house, he says.
A high-performance building envelope and a hybrid mechanical system offer in-floor heating and air quality control.
The house is an evolution of unbridled creativity, easy but thoughtful space that’s humble in scale, he says. “We didn’t want anything that was ostentatious.” It’s a comfortable place for the owner to enjoy and for her kids to be kids, something that’s not as easy in the city.
The project reflects the new demographic of Toronto homeowners who find buying a large lot with a pool and a place for the kids to play basketball and hockey unobtainable. These families look to other areas, including Collingwood, where they can buy land for a reasonable amount of money then have unlimited capabilities to use the land, Josipovicz says. “The taxes are low and maintenance becomes their aerobic workout.”



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Nature and activity lovers…rejoice! A gorgeous chalet retreat situated on a secluded forest lot near Collingwood awaits; just featured in Nice-Martin Magazine! This stunning urban chalet was completely renovated and designed under the creative direction of Studio Pyramid Inc. It represents the perfect blend of chic and functional warmth. Fifteen foot cathedral windows and open concept design, combined with an exclusive lot provide the ultimate light-filled getaway.

 This 1 1/2 acre lot is protected and surrounded by the Nottawasaga Valley Conservation Authority; there is no fear of losing this superb forest setting as there is no development permitted behind the house. With 21 Buckingham Blvd’s close proximity (10 min.) to Ontario’s most prestigious ski clubs and a short drive to the world’s largest fresh water beach this home gives its’ owners access to a true four seasons active community. Minutes from Osler Bluff Ski Club, Craigleith, Blue Mountain, The Georgian Bay Club, Batteaux Golf Club, and many other attractions!

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Tree lined, quiet streets in a small family enclave with a great school; Bennington Heights is one of Toronto's best neighbourhoods!


In this neighbourhood, cars drive slowly and yield to families strolling on the road. There's no reason to drive into Bennington Heights unless it is your destination...bordered by a ravine, there's no throughfare. Remarkably, this little community is still ~13 minutes drive from downtown, its on Bayview (close to all the shops by Davisville and Leaside!), and it's across the ravine from Moore Park. Caution...if you buy here, there's a good chance you wont want to move again!

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A chic, stylish, and comfortable home on a stunning south facing lot on coveted Macpherson Ave! Meticulously renovated and designed under the creative guidance of ‘Studio Pyramid Inc.’ this home has spectacular light, well utilized and balanced spaces, and exquisite finishes throughout. Gorgeous skyline views complement an abundance of glassed-in terraces (3 in total), professionally landscaped gardens, and open concept spaces. It’s perfect for a sophisticated family or urban professionals that appreciate location, modern conveniences, and turn-key design.

Attention to detail is evident with none other than the finest of contemporary finishes such as gourmet kitchen with Wolf & Subzero appliances, Caesarstone counters with ‘Waterfall’ edge, Pierro Fonasetti original hand painted back splash tiles, 12’ atrium with curtain wall glass panels, seamless transition between indoor and outdoor spaces, wide plank European engineered fumed Oak wood floors, floor to ceiling marble fireplace surround, custom-built cabinetry, Sonos enabled sound system, heated floors, sumptuous master bedroom with decadent en-suite bathroom and oversized clear cedar deck, generous bedrooms with ensuite bathrooms, and lower level with great recreation room, mudroom, large laundry room & generous storage spaces.

Enjoy the luxuries of outdoor entertaining and relaxation within your professionally-landscaped and tree-lined garden oasis with bamboo fencing, & Wiarton flagstone plus 2 car carport & outside storage room. Take a stroll down Macpherson to Yonge Street where the finest shops and restaurants await! With the downtown core, Yorkville, TTC, great schools & Ramsden Park just steps away, this magnificent home truly offers all the finest amenities.

List $2,400,000

Click here for more details, or contact us!

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International Festival of Authors: Harbourfront Centre…October 22 – November 1

The best writers of contemporary literature gather for 11 days of readings, interviews, lectures, signings, and discussions. The list of attendees has included Margaret Atwood, Stephen King, Joseph Boyd, Anne Carson, Douglas Coupland, Lisa Moore…the list goes on!

Toronto Fashion Week: David Pecaut Square…October 19 – 24

Designers showcase their new collections, and the media, industry, buyers, and consumers come to view some of Canada’s best. ‘The fashions on display will be your first chance to see some of the newest offerings for the 2016 spring season’. World MasterCard Fashion week is a must!

Toronto Chocolate Festival: Various locations across Toronto…October 17 – November 8

Chocolate tastings, chocolate making exhibitions, and chocolate eating contests. I’m in! Check out the website for locations! 

Pumpkinland and Harvest Festival: Whittamore’s Berry Farm…October 9 – 31

Just east of Markham Road and Steeles, there’s a field full of pumpkins waiting for your little ghouls. Tractor drawn wagon rides, mazes, and Halloween themed activities! Get the family out for some fresh air and enjoy the fall colours. 

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The Toronto market continues to sizzle…according to the Toronto Real Estate Board’s Marketwatch ’TREB MLS sales through the first nine months of 2015 amounted to 80,331’, which is ‘a record result and a 9.5 per cent increase compared to the first three quarters of 2014’. Total unit sales are on track to surpass the 100,000 mark by the end of the year. Additionally, the average selling price across the GTA was up 9.2 per cent annually. September 2015 saw a 2.5% increase in sales volume over September 2014.

The good news is that new listings are outpacing the growth of annual sales, which may indicate a more balanced market is coming. However, total active listings still remain below last year’s level. While the year will still close out as a seller’s market, there is hope for a more balanced market down the road if the new listings continue to outpace sales.

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We all want to leave a better world for our kids, and curbing emissions would be an obvious start. From the news, it seems like there are many options for having a so-called ‘green home’…what can we, as average home owners, do to protect the environment without breaking the bank? I spoke with several ‘green home’ builders, and at the end of the day, the easy answer comes down to common sense. Turn off the lights, insulate your home as best you can, and be reasonable with the thermostat. Having said that, there are new technologies that will *hopefully* change the way homes are being built and retro-fitted.

With all of the new solar and battery technology, lets start with the electrical side of things. Lighting has a much larger impact than most people would think, and is probably one of the easier starting points. Having just 30 halogen lights (60W) on for 6 hours a day can cost around $100 / month, and takes 330 kWh per month to run. LED lighting cuts those numbers by 75%, and some of the more recent designs look fantastic…a relatively easy place to start! To put these numbers in perspective, only A/C has a higher energy footprint (assuming you use natural gas for heating). Something to consider – one lightbulb, left on for one year and powered by a conventional coal fired generator, would cause the following pollution: 5 pounds of sulfur dioxide, 5.1 pounds of nitrogen oxide, and 1852 pounds of carbon dioxide. Yikes!!!

If we were building our dream home from scratch, or extensively renovating an existing home, we could incorporate solar power with a battery system. Ideally, we’d have a flat roof with a solar array. This solar array is connected to a battery bank, which, along with various bits of electronic magic, automatically switches your home from solar to battery to grid power, depending on the time of day and your energy needs. Obviously, the solar array will collect power and charge the batteries during the day when the sun is shining. Electricity is most expensive when the ‘grid’ demand is greatest, so we want to operate the house on solar electricity during the day and the stored battery energy into the evening. If your daily household consumption of electricity is greater than the amount collected by the solar array, you’ll use the cheaper evening electricity rates to supplement the battery charge. These systems don’t come cheap – the whole kit with installation costs about $40k. There are, however, leasing options that bring the cost of solar systems to ‘near zero’…that is, the solar installation would be marginally more expensive than the standard electrical installation. Here's an example.

Electricity rates in Ontario are going nowhere but up (increases of another 40% are talked about), and the cost of solar panels is predicted to fall by 50%. There will be a lot more interest in your home’s electricity in the coming years!

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Scotiabank Nuit Blanche
Scotiabank Nuit Blanche
– October 3

This contemporary art event transforms Toronto into a giant art gallery. Remember not to drive…walking south of Bloor in your favourite part of the city between Sherbourne and Dufferin, follow the crowds and experience some great city life. 

Walk of Fame Festival – Sept 25 – Oct 1

Free concerts at Yonge and Dundas square, Massey Hall concerts, and a new rising star music showcase at the legendary Horshe Tavern. If you miss live music like I do, this is a great time to catch up. 100% Canadian entertainment, and access to some of the top up and coming talent!

Motown the Musical – September 22 – October 25

The Princess of Wales theatre hosts the musical story of Berry Gordy’s journey from boxer to becoming a musical legend, launching the careers of Diana Ross, Michael Jackson, Smokey Robinson, and many others.

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166 Douglas Drive exterior

Gorgeous home in a prime North Rosedale location. Contemporary finishes, stunning design...this is a home that truly has to be seen. From the solid walnut front door through to the exquisitely landscaped backyard, this is one of the best homes I've seen in a long time. Rich Walnut featured throughout the home, every aspect of the finishes are of the highest quality.  

Taxes: $16,308.27 (2015)

Bedrooms: 4+1

Bathrooms: 5

Listed for $3,488,000

Click here for more details.

Click here for the media site.

Click here to arrange a showing!

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Taxes: $19,667 (2015)
Bedrooms: 4+1
Bathrooms: 7

It is too easy to say this converted church is a heavenly space, and, really, it is. The 6,OOO-square-foot former rectory in a circa 1888 Baptist church was developed and converted into a freehold townhouse that offers meticulous attention to detail and the finest finishes, says listing agent DonnaThompson of Harvey Kalles Real Estate. She has listed the property with Nick Thompson and Elise Kalles.
Sunlight floods every room through expansive windows, French doors with transoms and a custom skylight atop the dramatic staircase. Visitors will be impressed from the time they step into the front entry, feet on a smooth marble slab floor and eyes moving upward to treasures displayed on floor to ceiling custom shelves.
If the party is on the roof, a Cambridge elevator with black stained walnut walls awaits. The l,500-sq.ft. rooftop garden is a rare find, and - with two pergolas with retractable awnings, a fireplace, an outdoor shower, a gas barbecue system, a two-piece bathroom and plenty of room for lounging and al fresco dining, no detail has been overlooked. It even has professional lighting and sound systems to complement the exquisite landscaping, Thompson says.
Those who choose to tour the space will move from the entry foyer to the dramatic library. It has custom walnut bookshelves from floor to ceiling and wall to wall, with a ladder offering access to upper shelves, and a door leading to a powder room with a mosaic tile floor.
The house then offers a great room that includes a spacious kitchen with a dark wood and white laminate work island and cabinetry. The dining area has two tables for four and a living area beyond has a gas fireplace and floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking the garden. French doors are equipped with Phantom screens to let breeze enter and keep unwanted pests out.
A great spot for morning coffee in your pyjamas, the garden has a stone terrace and is enclosed by a red brick wall that provides the ultimate in privacy. The second-level master suite has a gas fireplace, a lavish six-piece marble ensuite and a dressing room with custom shelving for everything from shoes to hats. The current owners are using the second bedroom as an office.
The third level has an open concept media room flanked by two bedrooms, each with an ensuite bathroom.
Three on-street permits provide parking, while its two underground spots are accessed by a vehicle elevator.

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We’re often asked what the best time to sell or buy is. There are certain times of the year that have higher volumes of transactions and average sales prices (most predominantly spring, April through July, and Fall, September through October). As can be seen in the graph (compiled from the Toronto Real Estate Board’s MarketWatch numbers), the average sale price for the Central Toronto region ranges from a low of $675,100 in January 2015 to a high of $855,942 in May 2015. We expect that this Fall market will hold consistent with the pattern seen in 2014.

2014 through 2015 Market Stats - New Listings and Sales price

The graph, however, doesn’t tell the most important part of the story. There are many occasions when an ideal listing time comes down to local inventory - what is available at the moment, and what will be listed in the next week. Knowing the inventory, and the buyers that are actively searching, can lead to a much higher price even in the ‘off-market’ periods because there is less (or no) competition from similar properties. It comes down to a matter of weeks, and sometimes, days. We've even had record breaking sales prices in July and December! If you have questions, please call us – we’re here to help!

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'Charles Eamesonce remarked that "eventually everything connects - people, ideas, objects. The quality of the connections is the key to the quality per se." In the case of the Wolf House in Toronto, several people connected over thirty years to create and maintain this award-winning architectural landmark.'

From Barton Myers to Heather Faulding and Yabu Pushelburg, this house is as remarkable today as it was thirty years ago!

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