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Object Magazine Features 21 Buckingham

"Perhaps one never outgrows the childhood fantasy, that some houses have the faces and personalities of people or animals. Surely we know that, if Collingwood house could talk, it would spaek with iconic wi of Little Red Riding Hood', Milosh Pavlovisz, one of the principals of Studio Pyramid.

With help of the client, the creative team of Studio Pyramid Inc., Alexander Josipovicz, Elaine
Tan and Milosh Pavlovicz have mastered the local vernacular with an artful approach. The
project was restricted from the start due to the land conservation area and client’s taste for
cottage country ways.
The client’s affection and the designers insistence on plain frame construction led to the basic
concept of colliding rectangular volumes of red clapboard united under the peaked roofs.
To capitalize on it’s heavily wooded site the design team located the house close to the North
property edge, facing a man made pond on one side and a quiet Collingwood cool de sac on the
other. As the plan evolved, an open single stair and a massive chimney, housing the wood for the
fireplace which heats almost all spaces, became the organizing elements within the interior. They
define the vestigial open central plan. Ground floor bedrooms are tucked away left of the open
stair. The loft study and the play /guest room occupy the upper levels and take full advantage of the
square footage. All bedrooms have either south or east windows ensure sunlight coming in and
meadows views. Convinced that the exterior needed some distinguishing features, the Studio Pyramid
team introduced the variations with multiple peaked roofs. Inspired by wing shapes, they gave the
house a upward motion, as though the house is ready to jump of the ground and over the trees.
Directional thrust implied by the living room‘s structural ridge beam as well as by the house main
axis-standing from the front door is helping to obey common wisdom of solar gains. The majority of
the large pointed red windows are facing South and East with only few small rectangular windows to
the North face the main entrance to the house.
“Here, the Red Hot Riding Hood house seems to say I am the place where you can rest, snug at home
and still hear the call of the wild,” according to Milosh.

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